One of the easiest ways to shed time on your triathlon transitions is to have a pair of our Elastic Speed Laces in your running sneakers. The SpeedLaces are an elastic lock lace system that turns your running shoes into slip-ons making your transition from cycling shoes to running shoes way faster. 

The laces do not sacrifice support, they actually make my shoes fit much better than regular laces and they are completely adjustable. All triathletes should have a pair of these elastic shoe laces in their running shoes. 

I am actually doing my first sprint triathlon in October and I knew we had to add these laces to the site. We did a ton of research on what is currently on the market and just made a better looking and more functional version. We also offer a reflective version of the elastic shoe laces. 

elastic shoe laces for triathlon

elastic shoe laces for triathlon

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