Shoe Lace Supply was started at the very end of 2012 after a few sneaker-head friends wanted to switch their laces on their sneakers to stand out and quickly realized how hard it was to find a quality pair of shoe laces online. We have been a sneaker-heads our entire life and quality has always been important to us, we were tired of buying cheap laces on eBay that felt like plastic so we decided to make our own. After sampling for months we finally found a quality manufacturer and started SLS.

Shoe laces are the most underrated accessory of all time. You would be surprised how much a pair of fresh laces can completely change up the look of your shoes in a good way. Through the years we have pushed the boundaries of the shoe lace and offered some crazy styles and we will continue to do so. Quality, selection, and customer service are our main priorities and we hope you love our laces as much as we genuinely do! 

Welcome to the SLS family!