Have you ever ripped or lost a pair of Jordan laces and tried to find an exact replacement with no luck? Well I certainly have and every time I tried to replace them the laces were either too long or not the same material and style. Thats why we are finally offering replacements that are EXACTLY the same as the originals. It took a few samples to get this right but we finally have laces that are completely impossible to tell apart from the originals, the material and stitching are like for like. 

We also found the proper length for every Air Jordan that uses flat shoe laces so our customers can receive laces that fit perfectly.  The coordinating lengths are below 

Jordan 1 - 72" 

Jordan 2 - 54" 

Jordan 3 - 54" 

Jordan 4" - 72"

Jordan 5 - 72" 

Jordan 6- 54" 

Jordan 7- 54" 

Jordan 8 - 54" 

Now try to tell the difference between the laces in the picture below. The Jordan Replacement Laces are now available HERE

jordan 1 shoe laces