These Travis Scott J1 lows were a "shock drop" but surprisingly it seems like a lot of people got through besides myself as usual. But no hating here! I know how the sneaker game goes. Here is the laces I think would look best on these beauties. Keep in mind that you will need 54" laces for these. 


Waxed White Laces With Gold Tips 54"

These keep the waxed aesthetic of the originals but the white should contrast well against the tongue and will match the white swoosh nicely. Gold tips are always a great touch as well. 

waxed white shoe laces

Rosè Cotton Laces 54" 

These will match the neutral tones of the shoe very well but are also unique enough to break some necks. 

travis scott jordan 1 shoe laces

Cream Cotton Laces 54"

Cream laces pretty much look good on everything, the neutral tones will match these cotton laces perfectly. 

travis scott jordan 1 shoe laces



Cucumber Cotton Laces 54" 

Cactus colored laces for Cactus Jacks shoes? This is the loudest swap in this article but I also think it is the coolest. Not for everyone but could really work for some. 

travis scott jordan 1 shoe laces