3 Simple Steps To Choosing Your Shoe Lace Length
  1.  Measure Your Current Laces: Start by measuring the length of the laces currently in your shoes. Remove 1 lace and measure it from tip to tip.
  2. Count the Eyelet Pairs: Count the number of eyelet pairs (lace holes) on one side of the shoe. Each pair consists of two adjacent eyelets.
  3. Refer to the Size Chart: Use the provided size chart or consult the shoe manufacturer's recommendations. Match the number of eyelet pairs with the corresponding lace length in inches
 Length Eyelet Pairs 
36" 3-4
48" 4-6
54" 6-8
63" 8-9
72" 9-11


Tip 💡: Account for Personal Preference: Some individuals prefer longer laces for a looser fit, while others prefer shorter laces for a snugger feel. Consider your personal comfort and style preferences.


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January 25, 2024 — Eric Delgado