Inspired by the iconic Grinch, these laces are designed to add a pop to your sneakers, making them the perfect choice for sneakerheads to standout look.

kobe 6 grinch shoe laces

Perfect Match for the Kobe Reverse Grinches: If you're lucky enough to own the Kobe Reverse Grinches, you've just found the ideal companion for them. The vibrant green hue of our Grinch Green Fuzzy Laces perfectly complements the bold design of the Kobe Reverse Grinches.

Versatile Style for Any Sneaker: While these laces are a match made in heaven for the Kobe Reverse Grinches, their versatility knows no bounds. Grinch Green Fuzzy Laces are the perfect accessory to enhance the look of a wide range of sneakers. Whether you're rocking high-tops, low-tops, or anything in between, these laces bring a touch of uniqueness to every pair.

grinch fuzzy laces for sneakers

Whether you're pairing them with the Kobe Reverse Grinches or adding a dash of personality to other sneakers, these laces are the perfect accessory. Get your pair here --> Shop Now 

December 29, 2023 — Eric Delgado