The Air Force One is an absolute classic, you likely can't go outdoors without seeing a few people wearing pairs but thats also part of the problem... EVERYONE has a pair. Luckily at RLS we have a ton of cool shoe laces that will make your pair look different than anyone else's. Here are 3 of my favorite lace swaps for the white Air Force 1. 

For length, we recommend 54", you can also use 63" if you wear a bigger size but measure your stock laces just incase. 


Sail Cotton Laces (available HERE

- These are my favorite laces for Air Force 1s, they add a nice vintage look that makes them standout clearly and our cotton laces have insanely good quality and great colors. 

air force one shoe laces
Diamond Laces (available HERE)
- These laces are a head turner for obvious reasons, the shine is extremely impressive in person and people will ask you where you got these laces from. 
diamond shoe laces
Thick Nike SB Oval Laces (available HERE)
- I am a big fan of putting unique laces from other shoes into different pairs and seeing what they look like, I love the look of these SB laces on Air Forces. 
Oval sb shoe laces


March 14, 2022 — Eric Delgado