Hello! Thanks for stopping by the blog, when Vicky and I started Rope Lace Supply I had just started making enough money to afford being a sneaker-head. It started when I found a pair of Cement Jordan 4s at the Nike Clearance store for like $100 (absolutely insane steal, I know) and quickly became a 50 pair collection. I want our customers to know that RLS is truly ran by people just like them and figured it would be cool to show 6 of my favorite shoes I currently own, as well as the lace-swaps I put on them. 

White Cement Jordan 4 - WC4's are easily my favorite Jordans of all time, I don't have a ton of J's but this is a pair I will never get rid of. The pair in the pic isn't the same pair that started my collection (had to sell those to pay rent in college) but actually the Nike Air pair that dropped in 2016 and I got these for a steal a few years ago. I love how the Cotton Cream laces look on them. 

Jordan 1 Black/Gym Red - These J's apparently weren't cool enough for sneaker blogs to give them a corny nickname but I love them, they look like they could be an OG colorway. They aged really well and the sail Jordan lace-swap takes them to another level. I don't have a ton of heat in my collection anymore so I love low-key pairs that people sleep on. 

Air Tech Challenge 2 Hot Lava -  An absolute classic, probably the coolest signature sneaker Nike made for a non-basketball athlete in Agassi. I have the neon salmon off-white laces that we made a while ago on them and they match the tones perfectly. 

Kill Bill Asics Gel Saga -  I don't wear these much anymore but they are very sentimental to me and one of the reasons I had the idea for RLS, the Asics hype was crazy in 2013-2015 and rope lace hype was insane. This was also the first time I secured a pair in a hard online drop. On the shoes I have one of the first laces we ever made, a red/yellow rope lace I made specifically for this shoe. 

Air Force 1 iD Rick Owens Inspired - As the sneaker industry became more intertwined with fashion so did I. I had a little Rick Owens phase and the RO Ramones are still one of my favorite sneakers ever. I made these Forces a few years ago to mimic the look of the OG Rick Owens Geo Dunks and they came out great. I put cotton sail laces on these and I love them. 

Air Max 97 - Not much to say about these, they are a timeless classic and my favorite air maxes ever. Red 3m laces on them break up some of the monotony of the grey on the shoe and look perfect in my opinion. 

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!



February 11, 2022 — Eric Delgado