The vintage look has been huge in not just sneakers but everything. Brands are bringing back nostalgic logos, Nike is making shoes that look aged and people are thrifting now more than ever. I am personally a huge fan of the trend so we of course have shoe laces that will make your sneakers look like they're fresh out of a stranger things episode. 

Sail and Cream Cotton laces 

Our cotton laces were designed with the vintage look in mind, the high quality grainy look is what makes these laces so special. sail and cream are our best sellers. 

vintage shoe laces
These are by far the best selling lace on our website, it is the same sail color as our cotton laces but in a material that is the same as what comes stock on Jordans for those who want to maintain the look. 
sail jordan shoe laces


These were designed to look like you have been wearing them for decades, each pair is hand dyed so no two pairs are the same. Easily one of the coolest laces on our site. 

vintage blue shoe laces
June 07, 2022 — Eric Delgado