Shoe Laces Are The Most Underrated Accessory

Back in 2012 there was no quality shoelace brand that focused on quality and innovative laces, that's where we come in. Everyone wears sneakers but shoe laces were just something that came with the pair of shoes to keep your sneakers on your feet, there was no attention focused on it.

We created our brand Shoe Lace Supply (originally Rope Lace Supply) as a way to personalize/accessorize your sneakers. The first out there to actually create a brand revolved around just shoe laces. Shoe laces today are still so underrated, but we see that changing. Even Nike and many other major brands have started to carry louder more colorful shoe laces on their sneakers. Shoe laces really do change up the entire look. Cough, cough we might have started something.

Turning Heads With High Quality Laces.

I can wear a pair of hyped shoes which everyone has, which would cost me at least $400+ or I can just throw on a pair of volt shoe laces on some Air Force 1s or Jordans and still get heads turned for only $10. It's crazy what a pair of shoe laces can do. It really changes the entire look! This is why we focus on so much attention on carrying a variety of styles and colors. From flat to round lace, from cotton to polyester we have something for everyone.

Personality with Shoe Laces

Everyone these days looks the same. How many people do you see with Panda Dunks? It's crazy the amount of sneakers Nike is pumping out. It's nice that they are getting the new generation into sneakers and creating more supply to meet the demand, but the trade off is that is just not fun to collect sneakers anymore.

Even though I have turned away from buying sneakers (pretty much every single week), I still appreciate the model of certain shoes. I love the dunk model, but I can't stand seeing 20 other people near me wearing the same shoe. We look the same, but there's a fix to that...SHOE LACES!!!

With hundreds of styles to choose from you can add personality to your shoes with shoe laces. If you're going for a vintage look, go with some sail or cream colored shoe laces. If you like the Off-White look throw on some "SHOELACES" laces. Want something loud and different? We have cow printed shoe laces for you. There's something for everyone out there. Shoe laces is like being your own sneaker customizer without the mess. You can blend different trends and styles into your look. This is why I always say shoe laces are the most underrated accessory, there are endless possibilities to what you can do.

10 Years in the Game of Shoe Laces

From different colors and styles to partnerships, we're continuing to innovate the shoe lace game. We're so excited to keep pushing boundaries in the shoe lace space. No one does it like Shoe Lace Supply.

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October 12, 2022 — Eric Delgado