Shoe Lace Supply has paired up with G.O.A.T sneaker customizer Huy Le. He is widely known in the sneaker community for his vintage style custom sneakers. Huy has made shoes for celebrities such as Lebron James, J.Balvin, Dana White, Chloe Grace Moretz, and me... Just to name a few. 


"I've loved sneakers since I was a child. Although my parents couldn't afford them, I used to look through catalogs and memorize the names of pairs I liked and when I finally got older, I saved up and got all the pairs I always wanted. Along the way I wanted mine to stand out from others so I started customizing them and never stopped. When people ask me to enhance their shoes I simply just modify them to my own likings. Something that I would want to wear. I am a huge fan of the vintage look so you'll get that piece on all my collections. Laces are a huge part of my work and I've always wanted to design a set. I use SLS laces in a lot of my work so we took 3 of my favorite SLS styles and applied the colors of the Florida sunset to them. The sunset reminds me all the great times I spent with my dad fishing and watching the colors change in the sky when we were done. Hyped to see how everyone styles them!" - Chef Huy Le

Huy, Vicky, and I are Florida natives, so when he came up with the idea of modeling the shoelaces after the Florida sunset I instantly knew why. The sunset evokes such great memories from all of our past and for that 10-15 minutes you watch the sun go down and the sky change colors everything just feels right in the world.

You can check out Huy's artwork on his IG @lechefstudio @chefhuyle


The Laces drop Saturday 8.27 at 12pm EST in 3 styles HERE

- Sunset | Vintage Faded Shoe Laces 

- Orange Sun | Jumbo Cotton Shoe Laces 

- Sky Blue | Cozy Shoe Laces


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August 26, 2022 — Eric Delgado