Shoe Laces, also known as shoe strings have been dated back to the 3500 BC leather shoe the Areni-1; its original laces were also made from leather. It's not clear who invented the shoe lace, but it has been an important feature to providing the proper fit and support in footwear. 

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Originally, shoe laces were made from materials found in rope, such as cotton, hemp, and leather. Today, a majority of shoelaces are made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon to prevent deterioration from friction. 

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The Modern Shoe Lace

(Plastic Aglets)











Many people ask "what is the plastic end of a shoelace called"?  It's called the aglet. The aglet, which is typically plastic, was invented in 1790 by Harvey Kennedy. The aglet protects the end of the shoe lace from fraying and makes the process of tying and threading the lace through the eyelet easier. There are also more luxury aglets made from metal. 

We don't realize it, but shoe laces are a small, important item in our lives. Everyone wear shoes, imagine wearing a pair of sneakers without laces, in most cases your foot would fall right out. Besides function, shoe laces are now used as fashion statement. That's what we do at Rope Lace Supply. We supply high-quality fashionable shoe laces at an affordable price. With over 100 colors and styles you can upgrade your boring shoe laces. 

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July 05, 2018 — Eric Delgado