boostVIBES x RLS Part 3 now available

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This is the third and FINAL collection in the boostVIBES x RLS shoe lace collaboration. For this collection we wanted to go out with a bang! We chose the olive and burgundy colors because so many new boost releases are using these. The cream color we chose is the exact same color from the very first collaboration that we did on the round laces. So many people had been asking for a new cream lace like the first collab so I thought this would be an amazing way to incorporate customer recommendations. The orange colorway was actually a pleasant production error. We were having the orange "SHOELACES" being made and a set of fifty came back with the boostVIBES print. We decided to give them to the first fifty orders and they are now gone. 

In retrospect, I am proud of what we accomplished with boostVIBES. Though he no longer runs the page, I like to think that Alan and his work with boostVIBES highly contributed to the boost movement we saw in the last two years. He made sure we saw good, clean boost pictures all over IG. He had people stepping up their photo game just to get that coveted boostVIBES feature. Yes, the hype has died down a bit but adidas is still killing it with new models and at the end of the day, there is still nothing that touches the comfort of the Adidas Ultra Boost. Personally, I think that they will always be a classic. The perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics.