The Mauve Yeezy 700 was one of the most hyped releases of the year, sure they didn't sell out but after tons of colors and increased production numbers this is natural. This is probably my favorite Yeezy release since the Beluga V2.

This is a GREAT shoe for lace swaps since they have a few accenting colors and the stock laces are very boring. I chose a few from the site that I thought would be great and laced them up. Let us know what you think and tag #ropelacesupply on IG so we can see your lace swaps!


Flat Volt 48"

volt yeezy mauve shoe laces


Black "SHOELACES" 48"

black yeezy shoe laces


Round 3m Volt 48" 

yeezy shoe laces


Flat Burgundy 48" 

flat yeezy shoe laces


Round White 48" 

white yeezy shoe laces

November 02, 2018 — Eric Delgado