The Chuck Taylor's are an all time classic. They can be worn with almost anything and they're a shoe you should ALWAYS have in your rotation. I love the Chuck 70 iterations that have dropped in the last few years because they add a more premium feel to the sneaker making it feel more like a vintage pair. 

As always, I swapped the original Converse shoe laces out for some fresh pairs from RLS. Here are some pictures of my favorites! These shoe laces really make them pop and it's a great way to make a pair that almost everyone has, just a little bit different. 


Flat Blush Shoe Laces   54"

Converse shoe laces


Checkered Shoe Laces 48"

Converse Checkered shoe laces


Flat Olive Shoe Laces 54"

Converse shoe laces


Flat Blush Shoe Laces 54"

Converse shoe laces