We like to add new shoe laces at least once a month here at RLS, this week we added NINE new laces in four different styles. Check them out below 


Jordan 11 Replacement Laces

Building on our popular flat Jordan replacement laces we have finally added replacement laces for the iconic Jordan 11.

Jordan 11 round replacement shoe lace

Watch The Throne Printed Shoe Laces

- We wanted to make laces that were similar to the printed laces found on the popular Watch The Throne Lebron 9 and 16. These are perfect for customs or just getting the WTT look on any regular pair of shoes. 



Purple "SHOELACES" Laces 

What the customer wants, the customer gets! We have gotten tons of emails about making these so here they are. Add that Off-White aesthetic to any pair now. 



Oval Shoe Lace Collection 

Building on our basic lace collection we have finally added the oval style shoe laces in five different colors. These are high quality and better than the plain laces you may see on the market. I love throwing these on a pair of Air Force 1s to make them just a bit more crispy. 

oval replacement shoe laces


March 25, 2019 — Eric Delgado