Another weekend another chaotic Yeezy release in the bag. As we know, the Yeezy 350 is one of the best shoes to swap laces in and if you were lucky enough to grab a pair we have a few laces we think would look great on those. Check out our favorite laces swaps for them below. 

*48" is the EXACT length you need for these


yeezy boost shoe laces


Solid Black Reflective Rope Laces 

The original laces on the shoe are black/silver so if you want a solid black lace that is still reflective, these are for you. 

best yeezy boost 350 shoe laces

Round Black Rope Laces 

If you don't care about the reflectivity and just want a clean solid black lace to match the rest of the shoe, here you go. 

Best yeezy boost 350 shoe laces

Red 3m Round Laces 

These are reflective and will match the subtle red hits on the shoe perfectly. These would be my choice if I could grab a pair. 

best yeezy boost 350 shoe laces

Round Volt Rope Laces 

Neon is IN and it looks good on basically everything, right? This swap isn't for everyone but this is the most unique option on the list so if you really want to turn some necks heres your pair! 

best yeezy boost 350 round shoe laces

June 07, 2019 — Eric Delgado